#1: Something New

Ever since moving last November, my closet situation has been kind of an invisible disaster. Pre-move, after decluttering and ferrying bags of discards to Value Village, I thought I had a solid, edited wardrobe that I'd be happy to live with for a while. Nothing in, nothing out. Now forward to post-move and I’m adjusting... Continue Reading →

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Check in #2 (February)

On Shopping After admitting that a true, unnegotiable shopping ban wasn’t really After admitting that a true, unnegotiable shopping ban wasn’t really something I was ready to take on, I tried to approach November to February with the stern lens of a low-buy, allowing myself a few well-considered purchases that would add value to my... Continue Reading →

#25 The Cool Wool Pants

If you've been following my closet journey, I think I’ve already established my love for wool and that I covet the wardrobe of a fifth-generation sheep farmer from Galway. It’s a material that makes you feel cozy and warm, evokes visions of homey nooks and pastures, but sometimes, it can make you feel a little... Continue Reading →

#24 The Gateway Cashmere Sweater

In early 2018, a life-changing event occurred: I acquired my first cashmere sweater. It was a later discovery than it should have been; I had always been interested in clothes, but somehow I had little knowledge up to that point about clothing materials and their production. Since then I’ve made more effort to educate myself... Continue Reading →

#23 The Pants from Mom

Being the child of immigrants, the vast majority of clothing I had growing up came from overseas. Occasionally, we’d get boxes covered in red stamps sent from my grandparents back home, but usually we would just bring things back from our visits – lugging heavy suitcases, barely a gram under the weight limit, stuffed with... Continue Reading →

#21 The Luxury Dress

Another new item to my wardrobe, this wool dress from Viktor & Rolf was my biggest and undoubtedly most beloved purchase of the year (other than my wedding dress). I found it in a consignment store, which I was browsing on my way to a restaurant, still a bit lightheaded and giddy after a good... Continue Reading →

#20 The Adventure Blouse

If I had to pick a single item from my closet that best represents my style journey in 2019, it would probably be this top. Purchased from a thrift store like most of the things I own, it’s not my most-worn garment this year or even my favourite new find. However, it stands out to... Continue Reading →

#19 The Stranded on a Lighthouse Sweater

I recently watched The Lighthouse, a claustrophobic and surrealist thriller about two lighthouse keepers who become stranded on an island. The film was bizarre and uncomfortable, but I thoroughly enjoyed the costumes, especially the fisherman knits worn by Pattinson and Dafoe. Their wardrobe reminded me of this grey ribbed turtleneck sweater I thrifted many years... Continue Reading →

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