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22 things I loved about my style and wardrobe in 2022

Typically, I like to stamp out the year with an analytical piece rounding up style wins, failures, and lessons learned from the preceding 12 months, opening up my books to reveal the dirty details of what I wore (or didn’t) and what I acquired. Usual themes include “I bought more stuff than I would have... Continue Reading →

Wardrobe Experiment: 7-Item Capsule

In November, we had a family medical emergency – the kind that makes you immediately book a one-way flight, pack up your essentials, and go – in less than 24 hours. Thankfully, everything turned out okay in the end, but as part of the scramble and haste, I unintentionally embarked on a minimal capsule wardrobe... Continue Reading →

Wardrobe Archetypes: Black and White Patterns

Part of honing in on that elusive thing called “personal style" is recognizing the unique set of wardrobe archetypes that you find yourself wearing over and over again. These could be types of clothing items, colours and prints, materials and textures, shapes and cuts, details and adornments – anything that might describe an article of... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Summer Dressing 2022

September weather is deeply perplexing to me; I’m always confused about what to wear when I go outside. What weight of jacket is appropriate? What sleeve length? Do I need tights or will I be sweltering in regret? Spying on what others are wearing doesn’t help – the streetscape runs the gamut from crop tops... Continue Reading →

Wardrobe Conundrums: Modesty vs. Luxury

A Babaà jumper crafted from ethical Spanish wool, priced at $300; a vintage made-in-Scotland sweater found at the thrift store with a few mended moth holes for a couple of bucks – both fulfill the same purpose, but which to choose? Would they be loved the same? Endure the same? As a clothing enthusiast who... Continue Reading →

A Hawaii Travel Capsule 

Earlier this year, around the end of May, my husband and I took a week-long trip to the island of Oahu. Simply put, our time on the island was bliss. From the insane and varied geography that lent itself to some of the most amazing hikes I’ve ever been on to the vibrant flora and... Continue Reading →

Sunday Sewing (Part 1)

Sewing is not a skill that comes to me naturally, but because I like clothes and wish to maintain my wardrobe like a proper adult, I occasionally find myself needing to pick up a needle and thread. While I’m very interested in the art of designing, crafting, and mending garments, I must admit I’ve developed... Continue Reading →

A Refresh

As a creative person, I cycle through phases of “productivity” (in the traditional sense), where I’m generating lots of output, and phases that are more dormant (to the outsider), where I like to spend my time wandering, observing, reading, listening, and processing various inputs. Lately, I’ve been enmeshed in the latter space, as evidenced by... Continue Reading →

5 Simple Wardrobe Intentions for 2022

I’m a dreamer. As such, I tend to set lofty goals that I can visualize myself accomplishing, but often fall short of in reality (like, ahem, writing this post on time). I have more ideas, aspirations, and desires than I can keep track of or reasonably achieve. While the "type A" part of me enjoys... Continue Reading →

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