#1: Something New

Ever since moving last November, my closet situation has been kind of an invisible disaster. Pre-move, after decluttering and ferrying bags of discards to Value Village, I thought I had a solid, edited wardrobe that I'd be happy to live with for a while. Nothing in, nothing out. Now forward to post-move and I’m adjusting... Continue Reading →

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#48 The Romantic Vintage Jeans

Denim has been on my mind lately. After reading an article about a man who hunts for 1800s jeans in abandoned silver mines across the southern United States, I’ve become fascinated in its history and how it’s made. Jeans are not among my favourite garments to wear, unlike the millions of folks who consider it their... Continue Reading →

#47 Something Old: The Vintage Wedding Dress

2020 has really breathed life into the trend of non-traditional, micro-weddings (see also: elopement, Zoom wedding). Though getting married in the middle of a pandemic comes with a severe set of (government mandated) limitations, it’s also an opportunity to eschew fussy conventions that come with exorbitant price tags. Without hundreds of people to entertain and please... Continue Reading →

#46 The LBD (Lazy Black Dress)

Some news first: I got married.  September was truly a rollercoaster of a month. From planning our tiny backyard nuptials to insane work deadlines and the “second wave” of COVID-19 rolling into town, it’s been a beautiful, messy, worrisome few weeks. I didn’t mean to neglect this blog, but I needed a check-out. For me... Continue Reading →

#45 The Sweat Skirt

Quietly and a bit suddenly, the past few weeks have ushered in overcast days, chilly evenings, and autumnal breezes here in Canada. The turning point was when I put away my portable air conditioner; from then I knew summer 2020, however strange it was, had officially concluded. With the changing weather, I’ve been slowly switching... Continue Reading →

Check-in #4 (August)

On Shopping Since May, my essentialist attitude towards shopping, spurred by worldwide events, has eased a little and I've found myself thinking about acquiring new things. It's a blessing that just as I was experiencing more twinges of dissatisfaction (read: boredom) with my summer wardrobe the weather has shifted and I’ve been able to bring... Continue Reading →

#44 The Not-so-Basic, Not-so-White T-Shirt

For years, it seemed like I always had a "basic white t-shirt" on my wish-list. It was a never-ending pursuit for just the right one; I’ve cycled through my fair share of them – oversized ones, fitted ones, v-necks, round-collars – all these different versions that I thought would fill this essential role, but turned... Continue Reading →

The 5-Year Wardrobe Plan

What will your wardrobe look like in a year from now? How about five? Ever since I was a kid, I always loved thinking about my "dream wardrobe", from collages of magazine cut-outs to folders of saved images. To me, it's more than just indulging in materialist fantasies — it's a form of creative release... Continue Reading →

#43 The Lady-like Skirt

The colour beige is one favoured by trend-followers, minimalists, and Jane Goodall alike, but has little presence in my wardrobe, aside from this skirt. I bought it secondhand at a time when I thought silky vintage skirts were going to be my summer uniform and I was buying up all the ones I could find.... Continue Reading →

Some Style: Examining Capsule Wardrobes

The capsule wardrobe is a concept that’s been around for decades, but has seen a solid boost in popularity in recent years. It’s a movement entwined with others, like minimalism and slow fashion, that seem to respond to the spectacularly privileged issue of overconsumption and its ensuing effects: decision fatigue, overspending, and climate change –... Continue Reading →

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