#52 Another Grey Sweater

This is about the time of year when I’d usually do my closet switch-over, tucking away my heavier knits for the season and bringing out lighter layers to fill their space. This spring, however, I want to leave my sweaters out a little longer, stretch a few extra wears and make new outfit combinations as I navigate unpredictable spring weather (we saw snowfall and t-shirts in the span of two days last week). 

Grey V-Neck Sweater

Purchased from: Value Village, 2018 (orig. Uniqlo)

Cost: $10

Material: 100% Cashmere

Wears counted: 38

I bought this cool-toned, light grey sweater as a replacement for a nearly identical sweater that my husband shrunk in the wash. It was also around the time my eyes were just opening to the world of natural fibres and I wanted to take home all the cashmere and merino sweaters I was seeing secondhand, moth holes and all. 

Fortunately, I found this sweater, originally from Uniqlo, in decent shape. For a piece from a more affordable, mass-produced fashion retailer, the material is nice – thick, tightly-woven, not too much pilling. However, I do notice a quality differential between this brand of cashmere and my secondhand turtleneck from Land’s End, which is a little softer and more lovely to the touch. This sweater can be slightly itchy on occasion, but I like to wear an undershirt with my wool sweaters most of the time anyway. The cozy, rainy-day shade fits well into my spectrum of winter greys and though the tag reads “large”, the sweater fits more like a small-medium, which is not too tight or slouchy on me. While I like my crew necks and turtlenecks best, I enjoy the dash of variety that this shallow v-neck bestows upon my sweater wardrobe.

It’s another piece that feels a little more elevated, because of the luxurious material, but is really as easy to wear as a sweatshirt. It’s simple, casual, and smart – I can wear it with workout leggings to go for a hike or a pair of trousers to complete my transformation into your college professor. The lower neckline means I can layer it over thin turtlenecks and collared shirts for a pop of something different. For the past three years, I’ve enjoyed wearing this sweater as part of my trademark achromatic winter ensembles, but nowadays I’m in the mood to have some more fun with my style, and not worry so much about maintaining consistency or uniforms. Keeping this sweater on hand as a transitional item for spring means pairing it with skirts, culottes, and other lighter bottoms – playing with new outfits that may seem obvious, but are new to me. 

By now you may be tired of seeing my grey sweaters, and if I’m being honest, I am a little, too. Some big shifts have happened in my life recently and I’ll be doing a bigger-than-usual wardrobe edit very soon. One of the areas I want to examine and pare down is my roster of sweaters, but I think I’ll be keeping this one. It might not be my best sweater, but I like it and wear it often. It seems like a foundational piece that I can rely on for a long time yet. 

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