The Origins of a Wardrobe

For me, fall is the ideal time to dial back after a busy summer and indulge in creature comforts: liquid carbohydrates, leisurely walks on crunchy leaves, and books – lots of books. One of the books I recently devoured is To Die For by fashion journalist Lucy Siegle. It’s a little outdated (published in 2011), but nevertheless... Continue Reading →

#55 The Pioneer Shirt

By no means am I a fashion historian or even a well-researched enthusiast, but this shirt has always evoked to me the old days of the American West. The sturdy linen material, the high-neck collar, the loose sleeves that fasten close at the wrist – I feel like it wouldn’t look out of place next... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Summer Dressing

I've spent the last few weeks desperately soaking up summer's dimming rays as the transition to autumn encroaches, its chilly nights coming earlier and earlier. The shift to my cold-weather wardrobe is never a cut-and-dry process, usually unfolding slowly over the weeks of September and October. As I launder and fold away bits of summer... Continue Reading →

2021 Wardrobe Update – Part 1

The end of August might be a strange time for a mid-year wardrobe update, but to my credit, I did start writing this post back at the start of July. Then, of course, summer's languor set in. Evenings were filled with books and drinks on the balcony. Weekends were filled with iced coffees, sunlit strolls,... Continue Reading →

#54 The Shorts with Many Lives

Since moving to my new place, I’ve reintroduced some older pieces into my day-to-day wardrobe, including this pair of denim cut-off shorts I was sure I’d never wear again. After spending most of my youth living and breathing in shorts all summer, at some point in my early 20s, I flipped a switch. One by... Continue Reading →

#53 The Ghost of Pandemic Past Pants

As we approach the full swing of summer here in the northern hemisphere – a summer that promises countless social possibilities with the widespread delivery of vaccines – my summer wardrobe and I are ready for patio dining, music performances in the park, and bike rides with friends once more. My summer wardrobe hasn’t evolved... Continue Reading →

Some Space: The Closet

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that my “wardrobe” at my old apartment was a scattered, disorganized mess. Within the cramped space, I stored my everyday clothes in drawers beside my bed and out-of-season items in a storage tub under the bed. I had a few pieces hanging in a small storage closet... Continue Reading →

More Goodbyes: Moving Edition

As I alluded to in my previous post, my husband and I recently bought our first home. It’s a little bit surreal to imagine that in a just few weeks we'll be getting keys to our new place. It'll be a much needed step up from the cramped studio apartment we've been in for the... Continue Reading →

#52 Another Grey Sweater

This is about the time of year when I’d usually do my closet switch-over, tucking away my heavier knits for the season and bringing out lighter layers to fill their space. This spring, however, I want to leave my sweaters out a little longer, stretch a few extra wears and make new outfit combinations as... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Post-Pandemic Dressing

Recently, I’ve had two articles pop up into my news feed, both on dressing in the “post-pandemic era” (The Guardian, The Kit). It got me thinking about how the eventual resumption of a less-distanced life would affect how I've been using my wardrobe over the past year. Looking back at my meticulous record of outfits,... Continue Reading →

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