Tales from the “No” Pile: Things I didn’t buy

One positive side effect of the pandemic for me personally has been the drastic reduction in household spending, particularly in the clothing department. Prior to this year, I always struggled to balance my habit of perusing clothing stores and coming home with unplanned finds with my desire to maintain a smaller, more minimal wardrobe (the... Continue Reading →

#47 Something Old: The Vintage Wedding Dress

2020 has really breathed life into the trend of non-traditional, micro-weddings (see also: elopement, Zoom wedding). Though getting married in the middle of a pandemic comes with a severe set of (government mandated) limitations, it’s also an opportunity to eschew fussy conventions that come with exorbitant price tags. Without hundreds of people to entertain and please... Continue Reading →

#46 The LBD (Lazy Black Dress)

Some news first: I got married.  September was truly a rollercoaster of a month. From planning our tiny backyard nuptials to insane work deadlines and the “second wave” of COVID-19 rolling into town, it’s been a beautiful, messy, worrisome few weeks. I didn’t mean to neglect this blog, but I needed a check-out. For me... Continue Reading →

#45 The Sweat Skirt

Quietly and a bit suddenly, the past few weeks have ushered in overcast days, chilly evenings, and autumnal breezes here in Canada. The turning point was when I put away my portable air conditioner; from then I knew summer 2020, however strange it was, had officially concluded. With the changing weather, I’ve been slowly switching... Continue Reading →

Check-in #4 (August)

On Shopping Since May, my essentialist attitude towards shopping, spurred by worldwide events, has eased a little and I've found myself thinking about acquiring new things. It's a blessing that just as I was experiencing more twinges of dissatisfaction (read: boredom) with my summer wardrobe the weather has shifted and I’ve been able to bring... Continue Reading →

#44 The Not-so-Basic, Not-so-White T-Shirt

For years, it seemed like I always had a "basic white t-shirt" on my wish-list. It was a never-ending pursuit for just the right one; I’ve cycled through my fair share of them – oversized ones, fitted ones, v-necks, round-collars – all these different versions that I thought would fill this essential role, but turned... Continue Reading →

The 5-Year Wardrobe Plan

What will your wardrobe look like in a year from now? How about five? Ever since I was a kid, I always loved thinking about my "dream wardrobe", from collages of magazine cut-outs to folders of saved images. To me, it's more than just indulging in materialist fantasies — it's a form of creative release... Continue Reading →

#43 The Lady-like Skirt

The colour beige is one favoured by trend-followers, minimalists, and Jane Goodall alike, but has little presence in my wardrobe, aside from this skirt. I bought it secondhand at a time when I thought silky vintage skirts were going to be my summer uniform and I was buying up all the ones I could find.... Continue Reading →

Some Style: Examining Capsule Wardrobes

The capsule wardrobe is a concept that’s been around for decades, but has seen a solid boost in popularity in recent years. It’s a movement entwined with others, like minimalism and slow fashion, that seem to respond to the spectacularly privileged issue of overconsumption and its ensuing effects: decision fatigue, overspending, and climate change –... Continue Reading →

#42 The Roomy House Dress

When the weather is sizzling and a permanent layer of sweat has settled onto my flesh, the only thing I want to wear is a billowy sack dress. First, let’s take a moment to discuss the magical freedom of a roomy, summer house dress. In east Asia, where I grew up – and anywhere that... Continue Reading →

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